Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Excited!

I've been planning, lately. I can't act on anything, yet, but I've been pricing things like baby joggers and cloth diapers. On Skype tonight, I asked Cameron if he minded my going to a consignment sale at the Puyallup fairgrounds this weekend. He shocked me; he said he didn't want me to go BECAUSE he wanted to be a part of that process. And he was so EXCITED about it.

Honestly - I know this is God's timing. We have both waited what feels like forever to start our family. I've been dreaming of being a mother since I was about 11 years old. Cameron and I started our relationship by talking about what we wanted for the future. Before I knew he was the one, I told him I wanted a big family and a farm where I could grow my own vegetables and herbs. His eyes lit up - he told me, "That's what I want, too!" It looks like our little dream is about to get very REAL!

I can't wait to move over with him and be a daily part of his life again. Talking on the phone and Skype-ing is so difficult. I constantly forget things, so as we're about to hang up for the 10th time, I butt in with something else.

Funny, I just opened a Dove chocolate with the inscription, "Be your own valentine." No thanks; that doesn't sound very fun.

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