Friday, April 1, 2011


With great joy, I announce that we have decided NOT to go to Italy this year. After much prayer and pondering and sharing our hearts with one another, we made the decision to put our family first. We really do feel God calling us to start having children, and although we do still want to travel parts of Italy and Greece, we are going to wait a few years. Some good friends have mentioned wanting to travel there, too, and if we wait, there's a chance we could go as two families (or couples, whatever God has for us at that point).

It really excites me. Cameron is going to make the best father - I am so thrilled to see him grow in new ways. We still have some tough financial decisions to make, so if you would, please pray for us in the next few months. We are trusting God to make it all work out in HIS way. Honestly, His way is the best way and it's the only way for me!

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