Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy lady

I need some BALANCE!

I'm sure we all feel this way at some point. A few weeks ago, I asked myself what I had accomplished in the past few months. Honestly, I could not think of much. A few things came to mind that I wanted to try: 1) Starting my own business, sewing reusable sandwich bags (need a brand name!!!); 2) Getting a 2nd job somewhere I enjoyed and could get a discount (Pacific Fabrics); or 3) Volunteering my time to an organization I wanted to invest in.

After talking these over with Cameron, he suggested either the bags or volunteering. I've been working on a few bags, steadily, but building a business seems to take time, and I'm not quite ready to start my Etsy store, yet. There is a lovely lady, Pat Masters, who essentially runs our church office in Kirkland. She was more than happy to put me to work when I asked her if I could help. So, my days are starting to fill up with visits to the office to print bulletins, nametags, and work on the website calendar. It's nearly mindless work, which is a nice change from the place that shall remain nameless. I like the idea of showing up in cute clothes to type on a computer and take a few phone calls, then leaving with my head still attached to my body and my hair in order.

Needless to say, I add things to my own plate. I'm happy volunteering; that is the last thing I'm complaining about. It truly makes me happy. It's just one example of how I can turn from having nothing to do in the morning, to having every single day on my calendar filled in completely. I literally have about an hour to myself every day, and that means rushing around to get my workout/shower bag ready, nutritious lunch and dinner packed, and scrubs/Danskos/badge thrown in the back of the Subaru. I'm living out of that vehicle - I love our car, but it's getting a bit annoying.

Makes me dream of sometime next year, when I envision things changing quite a bit. Every day is "just one more day - you can do it!"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Days

I got my fill of beautiful summer. And it's only July. Oh, yes!

We decided to pack it up and go backpacking last week. A lovely nurse at work agreed to work one of my days, so I could spend an extra with my hubby. We drove South to Vancouver, but it was raining. Very hard. Not wishing to slug our equipment up a hill on our backs 5 miles and camp in a puddle, we kept driving. And driving. And... we drove to Napa Valley. We had 2 lovely days
  • exploring the little towns along Highway 29,
  • eating fresh herb bread, soppressata, pecorino cheese, and delicious caesar salad at a vineyard,
  • Cameron bought me a beautiful little black summer dress,
  • we had a fancy Italian dinner complete with a bottle of red wine (mmmm),
  • I crossed off 'mud bath' from my bucket list (yep - clay, peat moss, and hot mineral water - watch out for those 'hot spots'!),
  • Cameron mud-bathed with me,
  • we had a very pleasant night's sleep in Calistoga, CA,
  • and we woke up to the hot SUN and lounged by the pool reading our Bibles.
I did NOT want to leave! On the other hand, I had a very handsome man ushering me to a good-looking vehicle, offering to drive me 15 hours over the mountains and through the Redwoods back home-sweet-home. And we enjoyed our leftovers from lunch (yes, I do love picnics, especially with bread and cheese).

All completely spontaneous. I LOVE my husband!