Friday, February 4, 2011

Things I've been doing without Cameron:

Eating chocolate.

Trying on my 1st wedding dress with the help of Jill (I didn't actually the wear the dress I wanted to for our wedding, so I'm going to do a 'redo' shoot with Jill when the weather turns for the better). I wanted to sit down and have tea and read a book in my wedding dress, but Jill had to go and I needed her in order to 'get out'. :)

Antique shopping (yes, I made some purchases... yes, I told Cameron).

Reading about Italy. This is my kind of reading.

Being sad because he's not here.

Being happy because it's not everyday my husband is having a good time without me and I'm having a good time without him. It's good not to be completely dependent on each other.

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