Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Days

I got my fill of beautiful summer. And it's only July. Oh, yes!

We decided to pack it up and go backpacking last week. A lovely nurse at work agreed to work one of my days, so I could spend an extra with my hubby. We drove South to Vancouver, but it was raining. Very hard. Not wishing to slug our equipment up a hill on our backs 5 miles and camp in a puddle, we kept driving. And driving. And... we drove to Napa Valley. We had 2 lovely days
  • exploring the little towns along Highway 29,
  • eating fresh herb bread, soppressata, pecorino cheese, and delicious caesar salad at a vineyard,
  • Cameron bought me a beautiful little black summer dress,
  • we had a fancy Italian dinner complete with a bottle of red wine (mmmm),
  • I crossed off 'mud bath' from my bucket list (yep - clay, peat moss, and hot mineral water - watch out for those 'hot spots'!),
  • Cameron mud-bathed with me,
  • we had a very pleasant night's sleep in Calistoga, CA,
  • and we woke up to the hot SUN and lounged by the pool reading our Bibles.
I did NOT want to leave! On the other hand, I had a very handsome man ushering me to a good-looking vehicle, offering to drive me 15 hours over the mountains and through the Redwoods back home-sweet-home. And we enjoyed our leftovers from lunch (yes, I do love picnics, especially with bread and cheese).

All completely spontaneous. I LOVE my husband!

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