Friday, December 14, 2012

Sick, but happy!

I have rarely been sick in my 25 years (minus all those ear infections I don't remember - thanks for taking care of me, Mom!). But, today, I am really sick - think NOROvirus. I have lost everything in my stomach over 3 sessions, the last one ending with dry heaving. The result is a VERY tired girl who didn't get much sleep at all and can't go back to sleep without fear of getting sick again.

It's surprising to me (since I've had issues bonding with this baby) that I can only think of baby's health.  I really could care less that I had to call in sick to work and stay home doing absolutely nothing (since I have no current crafty things in the works).  I don't care that I probably won't get anything to eat down today (except water).  I just want our little one to be okay.

So, today, I'll do my best to take care of the body that's housing our tiny family member.

Thank you, Cameron, for caressing my back last night as I tried to sleep and for loving me and spending 5 wonderful years together with me.  I wish I could say it under better circumstances - Happy 5th Anniversary!

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